Advertising modules:

  • Spread (double-page)
  • Full-page
  • 2/3 page (vertically)
  • 2/3 page (horizontally on spread)
  • Half-page
  • 1/3 page

Special advertising positions:

  • 2nd cover
  • 3nd cover
  • 4th cover
  • Cover: last page
  • Half-page on spread with the Table of Contents
Person of the issue package
Person of the issue section is an excellent opportunity to introduce potential partners and customers with a person to cooperate with. This section allows providing info on this persons hobbies, views, approaches to work, business, and the challenges he(she) faces. We all work not with brands, but with specific people creating the companys image and forming a stance on this company within the market
  • Field trips and professional photo coverage
  • Publishing the persons photos on the magazines cover
  • Conducting and publishing an interview (six pages)
Cover story sponsor package
Articles of this rubric are written by DC industrys leading experts representatives of hardware vendors, systems integrators, and engineering companies. These experts are directly involved in the DC-creation process. For companies of mentioned above categories Cover story rubric is of interest in terms of sharing knowledge and experience.

Representatives of the companies building their own data centers (corporate or colocation) can broaden their horizons and find the right solutions thanks to this rubric.
  • Sponsors logo on the front cover.
  • One inset within the current issue plus one inset in the following issue (up to 1500 characters).
  • Sponsors logo in the ategories.
  • Sponsored banners in the header of eachnon-advertising page of a selected section (pages 810).
  • Placement of advertising module the size of a magazine page.
Photo tour of data center package
This rubric is one of the most popular within the whole magazine. Its contents steadily attract attention of absolutely all the DC industry participants (designers, builders, integrators, vendors, and end-clients). Russian DC industrys showwindow allows not only to assess the engineering advantages of a certain data center, but also to make the rightdecision when choosing a DC for equipment deployment
  • Field trips and professional data center photography.
  • Preparing materials and interviews for a photo tour (eight pages).
  • Publishing photo and video tour swith in
Rubric sponsor package
Due to the fact that our magazines staff is closely engaged in analyzing DC market trends, the magazine boasts of articles reflecting the industrys most up-to-date issues and trends. Wide range of topics covered and profound study behind the publications provoke the interest among a great number of different readers. Placing your companys logo and expert opinions in a properly selected rubric will create a heightened awareness of your company and the services it provides.
  • Sponsored banner on the first page of the section and a reference to Section Sponsor.
  • Inset in a rubrics article (up to 1500 characters).
  • Sponsored banner in the header of each non advertising page within a specified section.
  • Sponsors logo in the ategories.
Questions to the Expert package
When creating a physical infrastructure for data centers, one can encounter a great number of specific questions, the answers to which arent obvious for everyone. Section Questions to the Expert contains not only a description of such tasks, but also some useful info on solving them. These tips are provided by professionals, who faced similar situations numerous times during a long-term work in the data center industry.

This section enjoys increased attention from designers of power, cooling and fire suppression infrastructure for DCs.
  • Formulation of questions, the answers to which will help in emphasizing the competence and professionalism of a client companys representative.
  • Placement of an authors photo along with data on his (hers) position in a client company.
  • Placement of a client companys logo.
Participation in PROJECT section
The main criteria for a certain projects success are the experience and expertise of the team behind it. Section PROJECT features info on implementation of specific projects. A contractor is provided with a project-related terms of reference being as close to real conditions as possible. The result of its implementation takes the form of a projects description featuring relevant diagrams and drawings. Answers to these questions allow emphasizing the competence of a client company on behalf of its experts involved in the work over an article.
  • Preparation of a design concept according to the terms of referenceprovided (volume - 3 pages).
  • Placement of an authors photo along with data on his (hers) position in a client company.
  • Placement of a client companys logo.
Experts Column package
Identifying the problem focusing on the details is a half the battle on the way to solve it. The audiences attention is compelled by the experts informal opinion based on in-depth professional experience and sometimes running counter to the opinions of this markets trendsetters.

This section includes comments by the market professionals relevant to the key topic of a current magazine issue. A series of such materials published in several magazine issues on behalf of a client companys representative allows focusing the audiences attention not only on the substance of the matters addressed, but also on the company employing an expert who writes articles to this section.
  • Preparation of an experts opinion on the issue discussed in a cover story (volume - 1 page).
  • Placement of an authors photo along with data on his (hers) position in a client company.
  • Placement of a client companys logo.
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